On April 27, 2021, a one-day student online seminar took place at the UWB / NTC, which was implemented within the project No. 201 MATEGRA:
Advanced porous biomaterials functionalized with stem cells for enhanced implant osseointegration.
This is a cross-border cooperation program Czech Republic - Free State of Bavaria - EWO goal 2014 - 2020. Our project develops cooperation between NTC (New Technologies - Research Center) and UKR (University Clinic in Regensburg).
The lecture introduced students to the world of biomaterials, where living and non-living materials are interconnected.
UWB online seminar - Porous biomaterials
They were introduced to the basic types and properties of metallic, ceramic and polymeric biomaterials, their properties and their possible applications in implantology.
UWB online seminar - Porous glasses