On November 22, 2019, the 2nd MATEGRA workshop took place at the UKR in Regensburg, which was implemented within the project No. 201 MATEGRA:
Advanced porous biomaterials functionalized with stem cells for enhanced implant osseointegrations.
This is a cross-border cooperation program Czech Republic - Free State of Bavaria - EWO goal 2014 - 2020. Our project develops cooperation between NTC (New Technologies - Research Center) and UKR (University Clinic in Regensburg).
Lectures provided insight into the physiology and arthroplastic procedures and hip/knee endoprostheses and complications. The second part of the workshop was focused on cell types and the interaction of cells with materials. The biomaterial section of the lectures was presented by colleagues from the West Bohemia University. The guests also got acquainted with pre-clinical in-vivo models for bone implant testing and expert discussion on the issue of implants.
The conclusion of the seminar consisted of practical demonstrations in laboratories (cell trypsinazation, counting, plating, staining of cells on structured titanium scaffolds, fluorescence imaging) and demonstration of the implantation process of a hip / knee joint prosthesis.
Annual meeting group members at 2nd Mategra Workshop
Second Workshop
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