The article

Corrosion behavior of titanium silicide surface with hydrogen peroxide:

Formation of sub-μm TiOx - based spheres, nanocomposite TiOx / SiOx phases, and mesoporous TiOx / SiOx network
represents the research concept of the joint project NTC and UKR:
Advanced porous biomaterials functionalized with stem cells for enhanced implant osseointegration.
  • Corrosion of Ti5Si3 surface by HCl/H2O2 yields bioactive SiOx and TiOx nanoforms.
  • These species grow and separate into TiOx - based frameworks and SiOx patches.
  • A porous TiOx network boded to SiOx species is a precursor to anatase.
  • The one-step process is a promise for amendment of Ti5Si3 - coated titanium surfaces.
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